A Polyglot Developer Experience on Kubernetes: Docker-less and YAML-less

Содержание Kubernetes Cluster Game – Functions Synchronous functions with Knative polyglot4j A bigger toolbox Demo thomasvitale.com @vitalethomas @salaboy @vitalethomas Knative Functions – From idea New languages are being invented more rapidly languages are also dying out faster. Being a polyglot will be a very valuable skill in the future. It seems that today, more than … Read more

Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery Ci

Содержание What Is Ci Cd Pipeline Example? What’s New In The San Diego Release What Is Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, And Continuous Deployment? Continuous Integration Vs Continuous Delivery Vs Continuous Deployment Explore Best Practices Tools To Use For Ci Thus, it is crucial to avoid delays between feedback incorporation and feedback received as it will … Read more