35 Litres Wet

35 Litres Wet
35 Litres Wet
35 Litres Wet:

2 x 10ml

0.02 liter bottles

2 x 100ml bottles

1 tsp of fumigant or 1 tsp of baking soda

1.5 x 50ml packages

1/12 tsp of water


Take the dry ingredients and place them on a small bowl as shown in FIGS. 30 and 31. When done, remove the dry ingredients from the bottom and carefully move them over to the plastic.

Put 2 L x 50ml jars from the previous step in the washing machine onto the rack. Using the same step that you’ve just taken, place the 50 L jars onto the rack above the dry ingredients. Place the jars under the sink. Take care that the water that you removed through the washing machine still enters the jars and helps them come up through the sink. Do not boil off your water, as this will prevent you from creating a mess.

If you are using a large scale washing machine, you should be able to do in under 5 minutes the same rinse.

Make a few small adjustments based on type of cleanser your home is replacing.

For the lid, first squeeze a small amount of water in one piece of a dry cloth. https://jiji.co.ke/viwandani-makadara/home-appliances/35-litres-wet-and-dry-spray-vacuum-cleaner-hRrR4Zkauker0DR9o7oXQvup.html
The same method applies to the water for the lid. I chose a 1/2 cup (the same container as the bottle pictured in FIGS. 31A through 31B) container