Brand New Instant

Brand New Instant
Brand New Instant
Brand New Instant Pot “We love all the flavors of instant noodles. These are not cheap, but they are made to order in the most efficient way possible. Just ask me, the cheapest method!”

“I can’t wait to use this dish in my kitchen, where I can enjoy a flavorful meal while enjoying my favorite vegetables. Will definitely be making this to try as I feel it can also be a quick and easy fix to our favorite soups.”

“For those of you still thinking that eating out is always a good idea, one of the tips I can give you when it comes to using this dish is use less hot liquid. You could use this recipe, and it has been for years, but I find it is very effective in making you feel the effects of cooking in hot, even after a meal before using it. Just because its not hot doesn’t mean it won’t also taste good!”

“I’m happy I purchased this on Etsy and have been using it a bunch. It’s very easy to make and has been the best ever!”

“I wanted to try this at a party at night (especially while they were still on the grill) and ended up buying one myself.” Brand New Instant
“You have to make that recipe to make this one.”

“This is not only delicious, it is incredibly flavorful! I really like the spices.”

“I am already getting used to the new flavors, because of this, it