This was the most complex, potentially expensive, and most likely most costly act of US public and commercial corruption ever taken from a single public corporation. No one could possibly possibly know how much it cost to control a system so simple.

Why? Because this was the first ever big dollar transfer to a corporate entity, a massive undertaking.

It took time. Time that was more important than ever before. Time that we could begin saving money by trading. Time that the US could build the tools we needed to make the planet prosperous. Time that we could give back to this Earth, to the families, our communities, and to the nation at large. Time that would give the planet a voice in the world. Time that Americans would continue to provide. Time that we would make great strides on the earth’s future. Time that we would create more jobs. The planet wasn’t there yet.

So all the while we went from trying to buy and sell stocks to taking on companies who we considered our enemies and who we thought would never get out. It all happened, and still, with a few exceptions.

No one knew what was going to happen (which I don’t mean to suggest, in any way…I simply mean nobody ever suspected anything wrong about us to begin with).

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